Cable Managed Solutions

If cables, security and tampering are the issues that concern you then look no further. We offer varying levels of security from a simple lockable system pedestal to a completely cable managed system which can incorporate power and data

The above pictures show an installation where we installed benching, electrics and data. The electrics and data were routed within 3 compartment trunking which was housed in a built in tray underneath the back of the benching. Access to the electrics and data was gained through a lift out panel at the back of the benching top on a one panel to two work station basis. The tray can be best seen on the top left picture on the right and the lift out panel can be seen on the centre right picture. On the island unit additional cable management is achieved using the monitor mounting poles.

Following the installation we received this very complimentary statement from the person heading the project.

“Logon Computing have designed two of our ICT suites at the school and have provided us with two of the most attractive and professional ICT suites in N.E. Lincs. The pupils find it an exciting environment in which to study and develop their ICT skills.”-Paul Andrew, Network Manager, Whitgift School, N.E. Lincs LEA

Key Benefits

  • Risk of Vandalism to System is Removed
  • Cost of System Ownership is Reduced
  • A Very Tidy Solution
  • Pricing

The pricing of this solution varies tremendously as the options are numerous. Please call to discuss your requirements at which point a more accurate idea of pricing can be given.

As with all our installations, pricing can only be used as a guide. A site survey will be required before an accurate quotation can be submitted.